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What is What Matters Most?

A community of coaches, therapists and individuals sharing life and work challenges. Inspired by varying themes and topics (books, TED talks, etc.) these lively (and humorous) discussions will challenge how we think about ourselves, show up with one another and find our way to courage and connection.

I am an Executive Coach in my 11th year of practice, currently getting certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). I love this field, I LOVE my job (this is not it; however, What Matters Most is for fun and conversation) and I love being connected on social media with coaches, facilitators, trainers, clients, learners, readers, and creatives from around the world and other professionals. I post things that I find online, things that are relevant, interesting, inspirational, funny or even controversial. I enjoy the conversation around personal development and self-awareness related topics. Things that I post are for your interest, not endorsements. Also, I share in-box messages from others who want to pose questions to this fabulous community anonymously. 

"For experiences and information to be integrated into our lives as true awareness, they have to be received with open hands, inquisitive minds, and wandering hearts."- Brene Brown.

We welcome your open hands, inquisitive mind and wandering heart.

Rules: Be candid. Be kind. Bring humor.

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